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  • International applicant admitted to the Stanford MBA Class. I chose to work with Natalie for the following two key reasons: Demonstrated experience and success: Natalie has been a very successful advisor both at Stanford University and the University of Oxford. She has helped hundreds of students gain admission to some of the most selective graduate universities. International awareness: Natalie has ample experience in working with students from across the globe and she can help...

    UK, (MBA admissions consulting - Stanford GSB)
  • Brian’s guidance throughout the application process was paramount to helping me build the most competitive application. As an International student who wasn't familiar with the US application system, Capital College Consulting provided such detailed advice and expertise that I was able to focus on my challenging IB Diploma curriculum and grades versus spending hours and hours searching for answers to admissions questions or concerns....

    Brazil (Duke University)
  • Natalie provided the most professional service in my business school admissions process. She first requested I write about myself, to understand my goals and to get used to my writing. She was especially responsive when deadlines were approaching, and was able to accommodate to my work rhythm. As a foreigner, I believe that Natalie's work not only improved the quality of my application but also improved my writing skills, making me now more concise....

    Colombia, (MBA - Harvard Business School)
  • My application was improved through very valuable input and I was able to turn to Brian whenever I encountered an unexpected obstacle. After having gotten into a university I love, I understand more than ever that there is no place for mistakes when one's own future is concerned, and thanks to Capital College Consulting I can firmly say that I didn't make any....

    Poland (UCLA)
  • The insights that Natalie gave me when I was looking into applying for post-graduate study in the United States were absolutely invaluable. When working at the Oxford University Careers Service she gave me an excellent overview of the benefits and challenges of pursuing this route, and of the study and funding options available. Once I had chosen to apply for a one-year non-degree fellowship at Harvard University, she gave me great advice on communicating my academic strengths...

    (UK, Oxford University student/Harvard University)
  • Daniel- Athlete- Columbia University...

    Dan (parent)
    Columbia University
  • Natalie was a found gift to me when I was looking for advice regarding my daughter’s decision to transfer colleges. Natalie helped my daughter shape her resume and showed her how to best present herself to the college. Natalie took mundane information and made it sing on the resume. Not only did it present my daughter in a great light, it gave her a much-needed boost of self-confidence when she saw her achievements presented so well....

    US Parent

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